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Ets FLAHAUT - CASE IH dealer

Farm equipments & tractors, used or new

Since 1980, the Ets FLAHAUT company has specialized in selling farm equipments & tractors, used or new, as well as lawnmowers & garden tools  We are proud to announce that we are CASE IH dealers since 2008, in two of our dealership, located in Hodeng au Bosc and Envermeu (Normandy).

The Hodeng au Bosc dealership (76)

Our company was founded in 1980. It was initially located in Saint Martin au Bosc until 2011, when we opened the Hodeng au Bosc dealership. Our new store has 3600 m2 of covered retailed space and is built on a land of 2.2 hectares.

The Feuquières en Vimeu dealership (80)

In 2002, the company grew and we built a second dealership in Feuquières en Vimeu (Picardy). The store has 1600 m2 of covered retailed space, on a 8000 m2 land.

The Envermeu dealership (76)

In 2012, a third dealership was opened in Envermeu (Normandy), proposing a 1000m2 covered retailed space on a one hectare land.